Best Carpet Cleaning Advice from a Professional

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Spills can really happen, most especially on your carpet flooring. As a matter of fact, someone can easily track in some mud, knock over a cup of tea, or worse. Certainly, we have all had to deal with the stains on our carpets from time to time. 

 In this article, you will be able to learn some helpful tips, which will keep your carpet flooring looking better for longer and the most important tip you should follow is to avoid using harsh carpet spotters. While this seems like an odd advice, chances are your carpet will certainly thank you. Find out below the reasons why. The real problem with most carpet spotters is the lack of extraction. As a matter of fact, carpet spotters are typically some forms of soap, which are designed in order to help remove soil.  

However, even though most of the time they can assist in eliminating soil and dirt from the fibers of your carpet, chances are they can also leave something worse behind and that is the soap. What most people don’t know about is that soap is considered as an attractant to different elements. This means that dirt and dust will still adhere to it over time and you will then have brown spots on your carpet flooring. Try to think of it this way, even if you spot clean the surface of your carpet through spraying on some solution and then you try to scrub it using a cloth until it regains its appearance, chances are you are doing more harm than good.  

While you are probably lifting some stains on your carpet, but the carpet spotter that you used will not be completely removed. And, over time, there will be a brown spot appearing in that certain spot on your carpet, where you spot cleaned using a carpet spotter. This is due to the fact that soil and dirt attaches to the soapy residue, which was left behind by commercial carpet spotters that you used to remove some stains or dirt on certain spots. This is actually the most important reason why you should avoid using carpet spotters. You need to look closely the carpet spotter’s label. The fine print often says that you should apply it prior to extraction cleaning. As a matter of fact, extraction cleaning process is considered as the process of cleaning carpet using a vacuum and steam in order to remove soil that has already accumulated in the fibers of a carpet.  

That type of extraction actually refers to a steam cleaning specialized vacuum, not just a standard vacuum that most households have. Steam is referred to as the mechanism, which removes carpet spotter soap and soil during an extraction process. In order to make sure that you are able to receive a quality steam carpet cleaning process, make sure that you only hire a professional carpet cleaner. When you hire a professional Carpet Cleaning Ipswich, everything will surely be done right the first time. 

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